Game Design From Outer Space

Ciao! We are Urustar, an independent game development studio based in Genova, Italy. We craft any kind of game, from board to digital. You are very welcome to our planet: browse as you please.

Our Missions


A game inspired by Bosch and his artworks.


You are a butterfly trying to perpetuate your species.

The Wrong Lizard
The Wrong Lizard

A game about general elections in Italy.

Taste, Share and Have Fun
Taste, Share and Have Fun

A very boring work.

Alien Eater
Alien Eater

You are an astronaut fighting aliens in a Robotron-like arena.

Messages from Outer Space

Luxuria Superbia, a Pearl in a Chain

When you play Luxuria Superbia you learn the importance of slowing down. A lesson we should keep in mind when we enjoy the pleasures of life.


Luxuria Superbia
PuzzleScript: A Perfect Approach to Game Design

Don’t undervalue high level development tools, try PuzzleScript.


An in-game screenshot of Autem Diabolicum
Inside Villa Bombrini

The story of Villa Bombrini, the amazing building that hosts our little office.


Betelgeuse Update 01: The Foundations

The first update of our Betelgeuse project: preproduction work, mockups, storytelling and interface.


Pinterest: Our Visual Inspiration Archive

Pinterest is one of the tools we use during the preproduction phase because it allows us to collect pieces of art, sketches and graphic styles.


Betelgeuse Starts Here

Our new project, codename Betelgeuse, has officially started.




We are an indie studio, but most importantly we are four people. If you want to get to know us, here’s our story. You can also find out what the name Urustar means.

What We Do

We design and make games for every platform. We love digital games, board games, pervasive games and we try to bring our love into our projects.

How We Work

If you are considering our expertise for a project of your own, maybe you want to check our ethics manifesto. If you find a common ground, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Clients and Partners

Even if we are indie, we do a lot of contract work and we also team with other people and companies in order to create the best we can – for our clients and for our players.

Experimental Zone

Stand back, we're trying science!

7 Seconds FPS
Blind Move
Dervish Derby
Asso 91