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You are a FPS hero living your everyday life.

7 Seconds FPS

7 Seconds FPS

This game was made for the 7DFPS 2013. You are a FPS hero living your everyday life. But, because of your work, you’re not able to do anything else than shoot. So, you have to resolve situations with your gun.

If you ask me, I would say you have some serious issues.

Federico and Marina worked on this concept during the 7 Day FPS challenge, but then the hot sun went up in the sky and they stopped working. A week after they decided to complete the small prototype they have started and with the help of Alessandra they created this very short game composed only by three 7 seconds long mini games.

You can play this prototype in your browser.


You can also find 7 Seconds FPS in the B*Sides 2010-2014 pack on Gumroad (pay what you want) along with other 16 games and extra stuff.