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This game has been created by Lorenzo with PuzzleScript.

Autem Diabolicum

Autem Diabolicum


When working in studio, we always take some time for research, learning and personal exploration of new stuff. We believe that we can grow better and learn more this way; in fact we are so convinced this is good for us that we came up with a system of weekly missions. You have a list of stuff you can work on, you can pick one (or even propose a new one) and then you have your spare time in a week to come up with something and show it to the team.

One week Lorenzo choose the “Create a Sokoban” mission and started working with Puzzlescript, a small free tool useful to create variants of the popular puzzle game and came up with Autem Diabolicum, a game about gathering Will-‘o-the-Wisps while making sure never backtrack. If you turn back and walk where you have already been, the devil sees you, so that’s a thing you want to avoid. The game is pretty small, just three levels, but it has a nice theme and a clever mechanic. Try to solve it!


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