Game Design From Outer Space

A collection of 17 game prototypes plus ebooks, soundtracks, art and videos.

B* Sides Cover

B*Sides 2010-2014

From 2010 to 2014 Urustar has made games, experimented, built prototypes. The B*Sides is an all-digital pack of goodies available for a very limited time. Buy it and discover a bundle of whimsical experiments.

A lot of stuff. Games, mostly. Some of them are games we did for game jams. Some are just strange little prototypes. Some other are finished games we have never released. Check the B*Sides catalogue! There are some print and play board games too! Plus, soundtracks, ebooks and fan material. It’s really the best way to show us your love. Still confused? Here’s a little trailer of the games you’ll find in the collection.

You can buy the Urustar B*Sides 2010-2014 bundle on Gumroad (pay what you want).

The pack contains:

  • Alien Eater (PC/Mac): unreleased Robotron-like arcade game.
  • Asso 91 (PC/Mac/Linux): a polished version of a local multiplayer dogfight game.
  • Zwan (PC/Mac/Linux): finalist at Bosch Art Game competition in 2013.
  • Dervish Derby (PC/Mac/Linux): unreleased local asynchronous multiplayer strategy game.
  • Monarch (PC/Mac/Linux): poetic arcade adventure created for the Molyjam 2013.
  • 7 Seconds FPS (PC/Mac/Linux): non-lethal FPS created for the 7 Day FPS Challenge 2013.
  • Hotot (PC/Mac/Linux): unreleased action game about a rabbit in space.
  • Autem Diabolicum (PC/Mac/Linux): a unique take on the classic sokoban.
  • Vin Diesel in a Paper World (PC/Mac/Linux): smile-firing FPS created for the 7 Day FPS Challenge 2013.
  • Anheuristic (PC/Mac/Linux): experimental exploration game created for the Global Game Jam 2013.
  • The Wrong Lizard (PC/Mac/Linux): political adventure created for the Italian Election Game Jam 2013.
  • Blind Move (Mac): experimental asymmetric local multiplayer game created for Ludum Dare 26.
  • Taste, Share and Have Fun (PC/Mac): commentary game about tedious jobs.
  • Santa’s Deadly Descent (PC/Mac): endless action game created to celebrate Christmas 2010.
  • To The Bride Bouque-et (PC/Mac): humorous game about shooting bouquets at weddings.
  • Urustar the Game (PC/Mac): experimental promotional game with two guest stars.
  • A Legendairy Christmas (PC/Mac/Linux): interactive fiction created to celebrate Christmas 2012.
  • Earthquake Tornado Lizard Flood (print and play): a quick card game about the end of the world.
  • The Tiny Game Design Tool (.pdf/.ibooks): a guide and a printable booklet to help you design your first game.
  • So You Wanna Be a Game Designer? (.pdf/.ibooks): a reference book and a motivational tool for beginners.
  • The art of Tale of Tails (.pdf): illustrations of the card game finalist at Premio Archimede 2012.
  • Original soundtracks (.mp3): the music we arranged for Alien Eater, The Wrong Lizard, Zwan.
  • Business Card War: a set of rules to play during boring meetings with our (or other) business cards.
  • B*Sides Catalogue (.pdf): a visual book with all the games included in this collection.
  • And much more: a print and play puzzle, wallpapers, trailers, concept art and other game design porn stuff.


If you are a journalist or a blogger, you can visit press.urustar.net to download the B*Sides 2010-2014 press kit.

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