Game Design From Outer Space

This is a competitive two-player and one Move controller game.

Blind Move

Blind Move

Blind Move is a small game created for the Ludum Dare 26 that you can play with a friend and a PlayStation Move. And if you have a friend who has a Move controller… Bingo!

In Blind Move you play in a (almost) total black screen: one player uses the arrows keys to control a little yellow square that has to escape the room, while the other player can attack the square by shaking the Move controller at the right time (and using the right colour). The square flashes repeatedly within the room and it can move only when it can’t be seen: when the square is visible, it cannot move. When the square hits an obstacle, this is revealed on the screen. At this point the player who has the Move has to quickly select on the controller the same colour of the obstacle and shake the Move to attack the square. If the square is near that obstacle, it’s been defeated and the game starts again.

The game finishes when the square reaches the exit of the room.

This idea came out of nothing while Federico and Marina were thinking about the theme of the Ludum Dare 26: minimalism. What’s more minimalistic than a square that you actually cannot see moving around (because you can move the square only when is not visible) within an arena that you cannot see (unless when the square hit an obstacle).

Variant Blind Move: the player who controls the Move cannot watch the screen.

You can download Blind Move for Macintosh here.


You can also find Blind Move in the B*Sides 2010-2014 pack on Gumroad (pay what you want) along with other 16 games and extra stuff.