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A Trip to ‘s-Hertogenbosh: Presenting Zwan and Back!

The heat of the summer is starting to fade away and we haven’t told you yet about something that happened on the first days of August. We have been for a few days in the Netherlands to have a first meeting with the Bosch Art Game team and with all the other teams which are taking part in the contest.

It has been a delightful experience. Upon our arrival in Den Bosch (quite late, but we chose to get to the Netherlands with a rented van, so we’ve had some little troubles with the roadmap) we immediately felt at home. During the first afternoon we’ve been able to relax a bit from the trip and follow the first three presentations. The overall quality of the prototypes is really remarkable and we’re happy to be among the finalists! I guess the judges are going to have an hard time choosing the winner next October 11th.

Den Bosch is quite a lovely little town. Even if we didn’t have much time to explore it properly (but we’ll be back, HA!) we had a great time during the evenings in the central square, which was the main setting of a theatre festival. Seeing a strange car filled with water and driven by a guy in full diving gear sprinkling the people was quite the experience. Oh, yeah. Den Bosch was extremely warm during the days we’ve been there, so I guess it was a kind gesture.

A car filled with water in Den Bosch

A car filled with water in Den Bosch

On the second day we finally gave our speech and showed the game to the other contestants, did some interviews and generally we got to know all the other people better. That has been the great thing of these days: even if in competition, the spirit among all of us was of friendship and sharing. Everyone gave some sincere advice about the games, and absolutely everyone showed passion and love for games as an expressive form. It was so cool to have these days to just talk about games and meet nice people!

The second evening was the perfect ending to this short visit. First of all the organization invited us to the theatre. A very young Belgian company, FC Bergman was enacting an incredible show which is wacky, powerful, disturbing, comic, violent, surreal and dramatic all at the same time. It’s called “300el x 50el x 30el” and, if it’s featured near you, you really HAVE to see it. It’s just mindblowing.

After the show and a few good drink, Lorenzo challenged the others in some matches of Ninja. It was amazing. We played all together, with occasional incursions from other people and, yeah, this kind of experiences let you really feel the power of games.

A Ninja game in Den Bosch

A Ninja game in Den Bosch

So, that was, in a few words, our great experience in Den Bosch. I really have to thank Iris and Adriaan for having us, and Matteo & Claudia, Brian & GJ, Ricardo, Miguel, Nacho & Lara for being so awesome and friendly with us. We love you all, guys! Can’t wait to be back in October!