Game Design From Outer Space

You can now listen and buy the Alien Eater soundtrack on Bandcamp (and Soundcloud), yo!

Alien Easter OST

Our Ambitious Bandcamp Page

Ok,  how can I put this like it doesn’t seem a spam post? I guess writing “Hey loose weight in just one day by visiting our Bandcamp page!” wouldn’t do the trick, eh? The thing is I don’t want to talk about our wonderful Bandcamp page where you can find three awesome tracks at a small price, nope. Since I’m the musician of the team (or groovemaker) it’s up to me to explain why you should listen to our home-made soundtracks and buy them (yes, I still believe in that). These first three tracks were made for a small project titled Alien Eater, it’s a game about shooting and eating crispy aliens. The first prototype of the game came out from a two-hours game jam Federico made. We all liked the humorous tone and the core game mechanic so we decided to put some effort to develop it a bit further from the mere prototype stage. I wanted to mirror the contrasts I saw between the super-gory concept and the pixel-art cartoon graphic style. The crispy dead alien bodies look a lot like pixellated bacon fries and when you eat them they make a crunchy satisfying sound. I felt like in this game the player shouldn’t identify themselves with the character, I wanted to underline for them the contradictions and make them live a dissonant experience (like a body-mind separation but with laser guns and junk food).

Bacon Fries Alien Eater

Yummy, dead aliens!

I started composing some groovy loops and I thought it would be awesome to make various remixes of a song that doesn’t actually exist. Even if it doesn’t exist it’s one and triune, three remixes, no original track. I started with chiptune sounds and I mixed some old analog sounds, the game’s contradiction is mainly depicted by that. I tried to go on the hypnotic side, and when you’re talking about music hypnosis is indeed a science. I find grooves more hypnotic than melodies, I guess I’m over-influenced by Chemical Brothers and Matmos when I’m composing alone in front of a screen, it’s yours to decide if that’s a good thing or not.

I don’t know about you, but I find annoying in video games to listen to the same melody a thousand times. You end up with your mind stuck in a musical loop for hours after playing, I hate that! So I tried to avoid this by following the Debussy way: give importance to harmony, erase the melody. I tried… I think it worked out. In my opinion the riff on the bass register may still be a bit obsessive, not sure. Anyway every track is thought for an endless looping fruition, in-game you gradually unlock  them all and you choose which one to listen to.

Ohh, the old genres trick. To make the three versions I put some archetypal elements that belong to three different music genres, this helped me a lot to avoid to end up with three songs sounding too similar to each other. For the This is Old Shit remix I had in mind ’80s synth pop and stuff like that, with large reverbs and straight 4/4 drums. For the Tasty Mushroom remix I inserted some Dub/Reggae/Whatever elements, making it the most trippy and relaxing version of the three (and maybe my favourite). For the Latin Curse remix I enhanced the dichotomy between chiptune sounds and analog stuff inserting some Mediterranean music elements. All the remixes are, in my personal chart, on the top three (lol) in this order: Tasty Mushroom, Latin Curse and This is Old Shit.

I hope you like what I’ve done and I invite you to give it a listen on our Bandcamp page or on Soundcloud. If you want to give us some feedbacks about the music we always appreciate it, and stay tuned, more crazy music will be uploaded soon!