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On Monday we have celebrated our fourth birthday as a company, and we presented our B*Sides 2010-2014 collection to our friends. Now you can buy it too.

B*Sides Cover

B-Sides: Four Years in Outer Space

So, we have celebrated our 4th birthday.

First of all, let me say it. Until now, it has been a hell of a ride. During these years we have been working hard, we have learnt a great deal of stuff, we have designed and created small games, we have assessed quality, produced stuff for events and we’ve even helped other people build their games.

This is our very start in the new office and we immediately decided to take advantage of this wonderful location, and of the fact that Urustar’s birthday is in May, with sun and warm weather and people enjoying the wonderful gardens of Villa Bombrini. We wanted to celebrate this birthday with family and friends in order to set a new course for us. It’s time to grow up, for sure. But first, let’s have a toast!

The Urustar B*Day party invite

The Urustar B*Day party invite

So we asked for permission to use one of the most amazing rooms of the mansion, Sala Solimena, with big windows, access to the gardens and huge frescoes, and started designing our master plan. We would showcase some of our games (possibly projected on big screens) and offer people something to eat and to drink. But hey, catering is too mainstream! A few months ago Marina was struck by a hot dog making machine she saw on Amazon, so we decided to get it and make hot dogs. And the idea of the small making food machine looked so cool that we have thrown a popcorn maker in for good measure.


Meanwhile we decided that in order to close the old course for good, we would have been doing one last thing with the games we made during these years. So we decided to pack them in a bundle, with the addition of some goodies and to put it on the Internet so everyone could get a copy for the price they want. We started working on the bundle producing promotional material, reviewing builds and adding some extra polish to the games. The result of this is The B*Sides, a collection of experiments and small jam games that in some ways tell the story of who we are. We have launched The B*Sides 2010-2014 the day of our birthday, just in time to celebrate.

But that’s just a digital good, is it? So, in order to say thanks to the people who have come to our party (someone made a trip just to be with us in Genova on this special day, thank you!), we’ve prepared some custom USB Flash drives containing the whole B-Sides package. It’s like the super limited edition!

So, on Monday we’ve bought the food, prepared everything and started waiting for our guests. The party was a great success! We’ve cheered a lot of friends, laughed, played games and had a great time. Oh, and the hot dog and the popcorns were pretty good too! Francesca Zacchia, who have been our intern artist for a while, even gifted us with an INCREDIBLY AWESOME pixel art portrait of the whole team! How cool is that? So, that’s it. Now we are ready to level up and look for new adventures.

Urustar team by Francesca Zacchia

Urustar team by Francesca Zacchia

If you want to know us better, look into what we did in these four years, and if you would like to support us while playing our games, go to our B*Sides minisite, or directly to Gumroad, and grab a copy (pay what you want).

You can learn more about the project by downloading the B*Sides catalogue (.pdf, 5.10 MB), and here’s an infographic about our B*Sides games.

Thank you so much for all the love you’re showing us!

Urustar B*Sides 2010-2014

B*Sides Infographic

Buy Urustar B*Sides 2010-2014 on Gumroad (pay what you want)