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Our new project, codename Betelgeuse, has officially started.

Betelgeuse Starts Here

After a lot of tinkering, learning and contract works, we are on the brink of starting a new project. No, that’s not entirely true. We’ve already started and we’re slowly but steadily traversing a preproduction phase to enter the moment where everything gets real: production!

So, let me share something about this new game. The codename is Betelgeuse Project, which has probably very little to do with the actual game. We just love to give our projects working titles which are stars names. We are from outer space, aren’t we?

How we are going to approach this adventure? Well, we’re fascinated by episodic games like Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Cardboard Computer’s Kentucky Route Zero, Cockroach’s The Dream Machine. We like to think about Betelgeuse as a TV series, with seasons, episodes and a pilot. We are going to create an Episode 0, a pilot, in the next few months. We are thinking about showing it around and getting as much feedback as we can before finally releasing it to the public. Then, if everything has gone well, we will start financing and producing the entire first season.

Betelgeuse is going to be a narrative game with a twist, set in a distant future where the little Earth is just a province of a more complex galactic federation. Our idea is to mix humour, adventure and dystopia to create a fresh take on the space opera genre. We’re currently setting the foundations of the game system in Unity, while working on the script.


Here’s the very first mockup of the game. Cool!

As for the art style we want to mix up pixel art with low-poly style. We’re doing a lot of mockups and attempt in getting the right kind of shading in the 3D part, while creating character and animations for the 2D part. Francesca Zacchia, our intern, is taking care of all the pixel art, and she has already done some pretty remarkable character work (including our non-playable protagonist… well, I probably shouldn’t have written this, never mind). We are using the super-awesome SpriteLamp tool to have our 2D characters react to lighting in a convincing way and better integrating with our world. We’re definitely aiming to something peculiar as a visual style.

So, that’s about all. I’m going to keep you posted about the development of this game, I hope to have some juicy news very soon!

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  1. Danny says:

    Good luck for this game guys! :) Can’t wait to try it

  2. Thanks! I’ll try to keep everyone posted on the development :)

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