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First thoughts and sketches of Cara, our main character in Betelgeuse.

Cara (with/without glasse)

Betelgeuse Update 02: Meet Cara

It’s been a while since the first Betelgeuse update, I’ve got a lot to tell you!

In the latest weeks we have published our first collection of experimental games called The B*Sides, you can find some weird stuff so grab it while you can (pay what you want).

But now we are back on track focusing on Betelgeuse. And here’s the first teaser.

In this video you meet our protagonist, Cara. She is a freelance journalist and she’s just landed in a not-welcoming area. But, how Cara was born?

We wanted a great main character, strong and independent and before blinking she was there in front of us. Francesca Zacchia is the artist who gave her life and she did a great job during the pre-production phase. You can check some preliminary sketches below.

Cara (sketch01)Cara (sketch02)Cara (sketch03)

The first character study took us immediately to the next step: the pixel art version. In Betelgeuse we are mixing up 3d low poly art (environment, buildings and inorganic characters) with 2d pixel art (human and organic creatures), so we had to be sure the main character looked good in pixel.

Here are some older versions of Cara, with different combinations of colour.

Cara (light background)

In the end, we chose this space suit.

Cara (with/without glasse)

What do you think of Cara so far? We’d love to hear from you, don’t hesitate!

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  1. thegiallo says:

    Is she inspired by Princess Bubblegum?

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