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A journey through the memories of a relationship. In Bientôt l’été you close your eyes and see what eyes can’t see. And wait for the tide…

Bientot l’Été: Where Waves Bring the Meaning

When I first played Tale of TalesBientot l’Été (i.e. almost summer) I was like: Hey, it feels like I’m watching a French movie. I played it several times since then, and I still think the comparison sort of works for this game.

This said, if you ask me what the game is about, my answer will be that it’s not so easy to describe or categorize a title such as Bientot l’été, you just have to try it and – hopefully – feel it.  Yes, feel it. I mean, you have to be willing to let it talk to you (and to your imagination) as it guides you through an introspective journey made of words and feelings.

Building a Relationship

Words are precious, words are the key. Words have to be used wisely, they can hide meanings, they can hurt or make the difference. In Bientot l’été words are the means through which you get to communicate with the partner you’ve been assigned to in the game. Words you’ll say are what will allow you to create a dialogue and build the memory of what seems to be a past relationship – or was it a past life? Who knows… – with all the feelings connected to it: love, sorrow, regrets, anger, pain, pleasure, doubts, desires and much more…

A Sea of Words

Bientot l'été - Words

Now, talk to me.

Like in real life, in Bientot l’été the process of creating this relationship takes a lot of patience, and understanding. The journey you experiment is not an easy one, it can be either touchy or depressing, it can be revealing or disappointing… It all depends on how deep you and your partner in the game will feel you need to get into the story. It also depends on what your imagination will be able to read between the lines of the story that gets created as the dialogue grows, and in the many beautiful short visions Bientot l’été offers to those who don’t give up after the first try.

When My Summer Arrived

I didn’t give up. So, when it was clear that I needed proper words to be able to communicate with my (in-game) partner I just got hungry for them and got lost in long walks on the beach, staring at the ocean for inspiration. Once ready I closed my eyes and entered the building where we were supposed to meet. I sat down and had some wine, waiting for him. Hoping he was willing to listen to me and understand me and my reasons. I think I was lucky, because he finally arrived, and it was immediately clear he had been searching for proper words too, since he always had a reply to my doubts, an answer to my questions.

The story we told was full of passion, though sad, and desperate as it ended.

It was moving.

So, if you’re looking for an intimate and intense experience, Bientot l’été is a title you can’t miss.

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