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Game Happens! is over, and we have quite a lot of people to thank.

Game Happens!

Game Happened!

So, I guess this is a final round up.

Game Happens! did actually happened, and we are still quite excited about it. What was born as a very small event to see if there is any chance to build up a game makers community here in Genova, turned up as a quite solid conference with a vibrant indie games showcase.

And we really need to thank a lot of people for making this possible.

But first, let me make some brief considerations about all that.
We made this event because we still believe in the importance of meeting people and networking in order to better stimulate the growth of a game development community in our emerging country.
We did this because a lot of people ask us how to start developing games and we felt there are a lot of people that can explain it better than us.
We did this to show that making games is not something shallow and not worthy, but it’s a complex profession involving a lot of skills.
We did this because we wanted to show that there’s more than just digital games. And that everyone should know a little more a world that’s largely uncharted.

And wow, that worked out. We were super scared about it on the days before. Holding an event like this means that there are so many things that could end up in a disaster easily. What it seems a clean and polished front, often hides a clunky and delicate scaffolding, and you really wonder how all that can actually stays together. In that sense, making an event is not so different than making a game, I guess. What makes the difference and keeps the structure afloat? People. People helping out, people caring, even attendees give their precious contribution and let everything run smoothly.

So, first of all thank you. If you’ve been there, even for ten minutes or so, if you haven’t been there but you tweeted, talked on blogs, social networks, to friends at a pub of Game Happens!, well, just know that we owe you.

Then thanks to all the people who kindly step up to the stage and shared their experience, their vision and their dream with us. Both in the main session in the morning and in the afternoon mini-talks. And of course to the ones who have showcased their games and made people have a glimpse of the Italian independent scene. You’re awesome.

Thanks to our incredible driver Marco, who made Rami’s #racetobarcelona possible, and of course to the organisers of Gamelab.es who have been extremely understanding.

Thanks (so much!) to the super-heroic volunteers. They did basically everything backstage and were impossibly helpful. If you felt that everything at the venue was working smoothly, yes, that’s because of them.

Thanks for all the awesome people who have supported us, believing in this event and in the possibility of something about games created here. Thanks for being there and letting us do this.

And last but not least, a little thank to us. The whole team has planned, worked, found solutions, and had fun doing this. And we want to do it again.

It has been a hell of a ride. And we really enjoyed it.