Game Design From Outer Space

We are people and we like when you speak to us like people. Even when we talk business.

Unicorn loves rainbow

How to Talk to Us (and Not Make Unicorns Cry)

Ok, here’s the deal.

We are a pretty tiny company. We are the four of us, plus a few awesome people which help us from time to time. We are small and we do not desire to become a big corporation. We’d like to grow, of course. To improve, to be able to make better and better games. But we love to be small and fresh and friendly.

We’re people. Like the friendly neighbour walking the dog at the park and greeting you every single day. Like everyone. We’re not a faceless corporation hidden behind a logo. Do you see our logo? It probably shows a person. We believe in a human approach in business.

So, we like when you talk to us as people rather than a big company. We don’t like excessive formalism or legal language (though that one could certainly be used when business gets serious). Be friendly, show that you care about working with us. Everything will work better.

The fact that we are friendly people doesn’t obviously mean you should forget respect when you talk with us. You can be friendly and informal while being respectful. That will make unicorns happy and rainbows shine. It’s good when it happens.

Unicorns are happy!

Happy unicorns and rainbows are always a good thing.

Respect our work, respect our knowledge. As for now, we often receive two kind of email contacts.

One is the unnecessarily formal email. You put capital letters on second person pronouns, you use archaic appellatives to seem more important and so on. Why this is bad? Formality should show respect after all. Thing is, we are no more in the 19th century, so, you can take it easy. We don’t bite. And sincerely, all those stuff sounds a bit ridiculous.

At the other extreme, there are the a-bit-too-direct emails. Those are funny. One, two rows of grammatically horrible text, typically asking “how much does making game X cost?” without a signature, sent from an ancient Hotmail address with the username looking something like “CUDDLYBuNNY” or maybe “Ev1Sc3r4tor”. That’s maybe a bit TOO FRIENDLY. And for sure shows very little respect for our work (and makes unicorn cry and rainbows disappear).

Crying unicorn

Sad unicorn is sad.

You can do better. You can take some time paying attention the grammar and the syntax of your email. You can get rid of the unnecessary formalities and get to the point (but PLEASE be clear about the point itself).

And you know what? You can spend ten more minutes actually reading about how we work, so you will know from start if we can be of any help. As I said, following those simple rules will get you rainbows, unicorns and a happy and passionate team looking forward to make cool stuff for you.

At least consider it.