Game Design From Outer Space

The last chapter of the Bosch Art Game contest is forthcoming. Here are the last prototype version and the new trailer. Now, fingers crossed!


Zwan Will Fly to the Netherlands

Today we have released a new version of the Zwan prototype. This is the version we’ll present to the international jury on Friday (good vibes, please!). And this is the last version of this prototype, no matter what the final result will be.

Tomorrow the swan will fly high, from Italy to the Netherlands.

We are very proud of what we’ve done until today, it’s been our first big project and we learnt a lot during the development. It’s been a great experience so far. And that’s why we’re excited!

After the announcement of the winner on Friday we will present the game to the public in Den Bosch (NL). Also, all the six finalists will be shown at the GameCity (Nottingham, UK), Independent Game Developer Summit (October 25 – Milano, IT), Playing the Game (October 26-27 – Milano, IT).

Check this new Zwan teaser!

As you can see above, we have slightly changed the world layout, adding a more diverse environment: now you can fly over a river and a mountain lake, through a swamp, inside a cave. I think now the sense of exploration is more present and that’s great! We have also changed the edges of the world, putting a crystal clear dome over the world, just like the painting on the back of the Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights.

Zwan - Swamp

The new swamp

Zwan - Knives

Wait, what’s that?

Zwan - Cave Entry

The entry of the cave

We have also improved the music and some sound effects. But the major – positive – change is the control system. Even if it’s not perfect, now it’s more slick and responsive: no more truck-style turning, yay!

Now, go to zwan.urustar.net, choose your version (Mac/Win) and download the prototype.

And think of us.