Game Design From Outer Space

Clients and Partners

Here we are, with our list of clients and partners (and awesome people we work with!).


Even if we are an indie game development studio we do a lot of contract work (hello NDAs!). Sometimes clients ask us to create a finished work starting from scratch, often they want a consultancy, some other times they just need a hand to finalise their project. We’re always happy to jump to a new project and challenge ourselves through unknown fields.


We also team up with other people and companies to create the best experience we can. Here

Awesome People We Work With

We don’t team up only with other companies, but we love to work with talented people as well.


Our office is small but we have a open desk we can offer to our visiting friends or to students who want to do an internship in Urustar. If you are interested in doing an internship or in having a talk about an agreement, please contact us.
We have already an official agreement with the following universities: