Game Design From Outer Space


The Origin

Urustar was officially founded on May 5th, 2010. Before that date, we had already done some projects as freelancers, and we’ve all known each other for years: Federico and Marina are an item since 2004, while Alessandra and Marina worked together – respectively as tech journalist and intern – since 2006. Our little crew is made up of people passionate about games. We’ve always wanted to bring games into everyday life: we are interested in alternate reality games, games with a purpose and hybrid kinds of play.

The Name

The name Urustar comes from an old Japanese animeUrusei Yatsura, about a bunch of aliens from the star Uru. The name “Urusei Yatsura” is a pun: “urusai” (meaning “noisy”, or “shut up”), is usually written phonetically in the hiragana character set. The kanji “sei”, meaning “star or planet”. “Yatsura” is a term meaning “group of obnoxious people”. The second level meaning is more like ‘Those Annoying Aliens from Planet Uru”. Maybe we are not that annoying, but eventually you’ve been warned!

The Crew

We love games so much we are determined to do our part to explore and analyze this fascinating universe. Every single day we make stuff, we experiment, we study what other people are doing. We do all this to try to deliver the better games we can build.

Right now we’re the four of us. In our little headquarters we tap on our keyboards, write on our whiteboards and constantly discuss and plan. Federico leads the group, coding, mock-upping and designing. Marina manages the team, designs behaviors and sends messages to the world. Alessandra adds and subtracts stuff, deals with money and builds 3D objects. Lorenzo keeps the beat, invents new stuff and explores new frontiers of gameplay.

So, here we are. We’ll be nice with you, so please, be nice with us. After all, we’re good people.