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A workshop and a networking event held in Genova.

Game Happens!

Game Happens!

Game Happens! is a workshop and a networking event focusing on the economic growth of the video game industry in Italy, especially in Genova and in the Liguria region.

The main focus is to describe national and international success stories, so they can be an inspiration for the creative industry operating in the Liguria region. It’s a chance of meeting and networking for professionals with experiences and values to share and for students interested in the video game industry, without forgetting the diversity and variety of involved ideas and points of view. We want to tell the human side of independent game development, to show you the required skills to be part of the industry and to highlight the potentials of this profession.

The first edition of Game Happens! was held in Genova on June 27th 2014.

You can find more info at GameHappens.com.

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