Game Design From Outer Space

This recipe is: a cute space bunny, some water and a bunch of carrots.



You are an Hotot bunny that travels around the universe on its little home planet taking advantage of a very singular gravity paradox, you should avoid the evil meteor-icecreams and grow some carrots and collect them every once in a while.

It was May 2012 when Lorenzo started to work on this prototype, taking it as a mere pretext to learn Unity 3D’s workflow and improving his programming skills. Sometimes having a free project to work on is the best way to learn and understand how to get things done. There was not a proper design sheet, just a control system idea and the looping process of asking questions and try to find an answer. Something like: how could I do this if I wanted to? Google, forums, trial and error, headaches; answers. It could be defined like an exploratory design method with a learning by doing approach.

For this reason during this early development phase, the prototype changed its face many times, for instance it started by featuring a 3D environment but it soon became a two-dimensional game.

The final prototype is something comparable to some traditional dish we have in Italy: a big mix of left-overs, ingredients that doesn’t match very much, which, in the end, is somehow pleasant.

It is an endless game even if it’s had some ending hypothesis at some point. Perhaps we’ll never make a game out of that control system (or any other element), but that’s not what really mattered.


You can also find Hotot in the B*Sides 2010-2014 pack on Gumroad (pay what you want) along with other 16 games and extra stuff.