Game Design From Outer Space

An e-learning tool for FEPIC.


I Would Like To Be a Leader

I Would Like To Be a Leader is an e-learning tool developed in collaboration with FEPIC (Female Engineers Pushing Innovation in Companies). FEPIC is an European project focused on the empowering of female students and engineers throughout their long-term careers. The first aim is to improve their creativity and leadership. Even with this goal in mind, the game is completely gender neutral: at the beginning the player can choose between two avatars (male or female), but this character is never displayed during the game.

The Leader Archipelago

This learning tool looks like an archipelago. The islands represent skills for being a good leader: team management, delegation, communication skills, time management, creativity, mentoring, project management, vision – mission – goals, decision-making, problem solving, networking and emotional intelligence.

Each island consists of a sequence of scenes representing the natural environment. If you click on an animal or an object, a content (text, presentation or video) will be shown; the learning tool features some tests. The main mechanic is exploration which can allow a learning by doing approach. There’s also a helper character: a seagull constantly follow the player during their own adventure.

I Would Like To Be a Leader is available online in six languages (English, Estonian, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Swedish). Last but not least: it was a great pleasure working with Professor Miretta Giacometti who lead the project! If you are interested, you can try the e-learning tool here without any subscription.