Game Design From Outer Space

From an original concept by Paolo Tajé.

Layers Game Design Tool


Layers is a game design tool we built in collaboration with Paolo Tajé. It’s made up by a set of cards which can be arranged into different layers of meaning. The designer can use the card to analyse existing games and to build new ones.

The original concept came from a paper written by Paolo, in which he built upon the concept illustrated in the seminal MDA model by Hunicke, Zubek and LeBlanc. Paolo came to us sharing his idea about making a set of card out of the ideas expressed in the paper, well knowing our passion about card-based design tools.

We helped Paolo brainstorm all the words to put into the tool, and we designed the visual aspect of the cards and all the icons. The tool proved itself pretty useful at the Global Game Jam 2013 in Rome.

Download Layers or Buy It!

You can download the cards for free or buy a printed deck by going to the Layers official website. Use it to make cool games!