Game Design From Outer Space

This is a child-oriented game for the movie Lionel.


Lionel: The Game

Lionel: The Game is a platform game made by an independent game developer for an independent film studio. Lionel, a movie by Mohammed Soudani tells the story of a very special friendship between a kid and a lion, was finally arriving in non-mainstream movie theaters when Swiss-based Amka Films Production called and asked us to develop a simple child-oriented browser game.

Lionel is a platform game loosely inspired by the 16 bit game The Lion King which we have played a lot in our youth on SNES or Amiga.

What we got was a cute game made of three easy levels the youngest ones can enjoy. And we managed to make a game with a lion without showing any violence at all!

Cute Fact about Lionel

The roar is actually an actual sweet kid pretending he’s a real (sweet) lion.