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A live game created for < ahref Foundation.

Privacy Traders

Privacy Traders

Did you know your personal data acquire a considerable value when it’s about sharing them, mostly if you’re doing that online, and even more if that happens inside a social network?

That is the question < ahref Foundation wanted to ask to young adults to make sure they knew about the importance of managing personal privacy and personal data in a proper way. And this is why they came to us asking if there was any smart way to have teenager learn about that topic.

“Let’s make a live game!” was our response. < ahref Foundation, our client, loved the idea, so Privacy Traders was born.

Privacy Traders is meant for high school students, and can be played during classes with the help of their teacher. No tech is required, the game can be played with just a few tokens, pen and paper.

The goal of the game is to achieve as much data as possible about all other players. They can do this by paying (using play money) to get specific data, or simply by trading one data for another.

To become more powerful, players can join one of the four social networks available: each player that belongs to a social network will share all their personal information and all the gathered data with every member of the group.

In addition to this predefined rules, each player can also bluff (spreading fake data) or create their own social network.

By trading and buying data, students learn that every personal information has a monetary value and that the power of a social network depends on the amount of data it has collected.