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Santa is crawling down the chimney.

Santa's Deadly Descent

Santa’s Deadly Descent

It was Christmas 2010, Urustar was just a newborn startup and we wanted to create something to offer as a gift to all our friends, followers and fans who supported us in those first months of our life as a real company. So we draw a tiny Santa made of pixels and we decided to let it fall down a chimney, as the tradition requires. What we got out of it is an endless Christmas game made with Flixel, where you have to guide poor Santa in his (deadly) descent, doing your best to avoid all dangers and at the same time trying to get all the gifts, candy canes and prizes you can.

The game isn’t easy, at first. You have to be fast in moving the little red man as he falls, and sometimes you think you made it through a minefield of spikes and flames, but as you go “Hooray!” your Santa is sinking in a pit of deadly fluid. There’s no mercy. But we have proof that some crazy person scored something like more than 259.000 points on Kongregate, where best scores are on average around 20-30.000 points. HA! “It-could-work!”. We totally LOVE that guy!

We are really proud of Santa’s Deadly Descent, so don’t waste any time waiting for next Christmas and play it right away.


You can also find Santa’s Deadly Descent in the B*Sides 2010-2014 pack on Gumroad (pay what you want) along with other 16 games and extra stuff.