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A card game two players set in Bali.

Tale of Tails

Tale of Tails

In 2011, Marina couldn’t stop telling the story of a nasty monkey crawling up her head. So when we got the news that the theme of Gioco Inedito 2011 (a card game contest which takes place every year during Lucca Comics & Games convention) was “jungle”, we immediately thought about those Balinese monkeys, known for being wild, not very friendly and used to annoy tourists like Marina with not-so-cute tricks.

We started picturing a story about monkeys and demigods fighting for the supremacy in the jungle and we ended up creating Tale of Tails.

Tale of Tails is a card game for two players, set in the tropical forest, which is a domain of Hanuman, the Lord of Monkeys, who decided to leave to Norway for a short vacation. That’s when he decided that two of his gardeners – the players – would have been in charge for the forest and all monkeys during his absence. Players have to try their best to take care of each part of the jungle in order to attract Hanuman’s four favorite monkeys before his return.

Well, in the end we didn’t make it to the contest submission deadline, but we had a pretty cool prototype ready for Premio Archimede 2012, which is a contest dedicated to board and card games they hold in Venice every two years.

Tale of Tails made it to the finals, didn’t end up as a winner but we’re still very happy of what we got: the experience taught us much and brought Lorenzo in our team.

The Art of Tale of Tails

You can also find a book dedicated to the Art of Tale of Tails in the B*Sides 2010-2014 pack on Gumroad (pay what you want) along with 17 digital games and extra stuff.

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