Game Design From Outer Space

An iOS game developed by MWPowerLab.

The Real Potion Motion

Potion Motion

It was something like one year before Urustar was born when we were discussing with our friends from MW Powerlab about making a game for iOS. What we had in mind was a game titled Cocktail Master in which you act as a bartender and create new cocktails with your iPhone.

After we founded Urustar, we finally started working at it: we were in charge of game design and art, while MW Powerlab was in charge of coding. We agreed on the fact that we were simply going to test the iOS platform, hence we were not supposed to develop the game as we originally planned it.

The Real Potion Motion

We decided to work at one of the mini games there were meant to be part of the whole app. So we focused on the action of pouring and mixing liquids and that’s basically what Potion Motion is about. We created a story plot about three students practicing with potions to get graduated at the University of Magic (yes, we were inspired by Harry Potter series).

What you have to do is pour the right amount of ingredients trying to be precise but also as fast as you can. We really made it in our spare time, so it could still be improved and all, but it was fun to make and we consider it a good first experience which helped us learning to work as newly built team.