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A game about general elections in Italy.

The Wrong Lizard

The Wrong Lizard

The Wrong Lizard was created for The Election Games Jam organized by the Italian game developers community Indie Vault. The game came up a week before the Italy’s general election 2013. We were moved by pessimism and fear: we are called to vote but this is not enough, because even if you are going to vote in the polling station, you must decide whether to battle against unfairness and injustice in your every day life or not, no matter what party you choose. We express our political class when we make small decisions during our day, even when we don’t realise we are actually making a decision.

Of course we believe in democracy and in voting, but be advised – a cross in the poll station is not enough to forgive yourself. The laziness that keeps you under the radar every day is like an anchor that brings you (and society) down. Do not ignore harassments and injustices, step up for what you believe in.

The Wrong Lizard was created in just five days, so be kind with us, we know we should have improved the interface design to show choices in a clearer way. Actually some of the fuzz is intentional: in the real world, there is no one to tell you “Hey, look at this! You should totally do something about this injustice! What do you want to do?”. You see something, hear something, and then you can decide to ignore it and turning you eye away from it.

The Mechanics

And that’s why the main mechanic of The Wrong Lizard is just turning your head. Where you are looking triggers different reactions: maybe you are looking at the injustice and you try to stop it, or maybe you are looking away. In the first case, you intervene but someone else discourage you to do more. In the second case, you look away and someone near you makes you notice you didn’t do anything to stop unfairness; this gives you the possibility to choose one ordinary excuse among three.

The Title: What’s a Wrong Lizard?

The wrong lizard we talk about is a reference  to So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish by Douglas Adams, as you can read it here.


You can download the game here. If you are a journalist or a blogger, you can visit press.urustar.net to download The Wrong Lizard press kit. You can also find The Wrong Lizard in the B*Sides 2010-2014 pack on Gumroad (pay what you want) along with other 16 games and extra stuff.