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A poor people’s booklet to carry around.

Tiny Game Design Tool

Tiny Game Design Tool

As game designers, we live in a world of notebooks. Having something handy to jot down ideas is a must, since you never know when something good will come to your mind.

Plus, we love to try to make games as fast as we can. If we can roll a prototype in a matter of days, we can do more prototypes, raising the chances to actually find something new and awesome.

From these two considerations, and to help young game designers to actually start making games, the Tiny Game Design Tool was born. It’s a small, foldable booklet you can keep with you, useful to jot down a game idea and try to come up with something playable as soon as possible.

Each page asks you to create an aspect of a game (obstacles, power-ups, characters, basic level design) and at the very last to fill out a list of ten things you need to make it real. Do one of these things each day, and in ten days you should have your prototype.

It’s a simple tool, but it can be quite useful to achieve a way of conceive and design games. You can download the Tiny Game Design Tool at the dedicated website. Have fun with it, and write us if you make something good with it!


You can also find the Tiny Game Design Tool in the B*Sides 2010-2014 pack on Gumroad (pay what you want) along with 17 games and extra stuff.