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Shoot at the bouquet before the maiden catches it.

To the Bride Bouque-et

To the Bride Bouque-et

There was this guy on FriendFeed social network, he was chatting about those girls who fight to catch the bride’s bouquet at weddings. Nothing big, just a chat, you know. But it was inspiring, because that made us picture what it would be if there was a sniper – hidden somewhere, during that ritual – shooting at the bouquet right before it falls in the hands of the lucky bride-wanna-be. Of course the sniper is the aspiring bride fiancé, no need to say he’s not so happy to be the next one to get married. Yeah, that’s the usual cliché, we know that. But it’s still fun. And we made a little game out of it.

You can play To the Bride Bouque-et here and see how many times you get to make the pixelated bouquet explode before your beloved lady catches it. We want to work at a new version of this little game, adding weapons and characters, to make it more fun and engaging. We’ll keep you updated on this.

The Title

The title is inspired by the famous song Dammit, Janet from the Rocky Horror Picture Show original soundtrack. As Brad says to Janet, “You beat the other girls to the bride’s bouque-et!” What a masterpiece!


You can also find To the Bride Bouque-et in the B*Sides 2010-2014 pack on Gumroad (pay what you want) along with other 16 games and extra stuff.