Game Design From Outer Space

A simple advergame developed with SixEleven.

WePlay Volando

WePlay Volando

WePlay Volando is what you call a very simple advergame. We made it in cooperation with SixEleven, a Turin-based communication agency, for a tour operator. The game was meant to promote the tour operator’s Club and its resorts. We took care of the development, while the art and design was made by SixEleven.

WePlay Volando – A Carnival Game

The mood of this simple game resembles a shooting gallery. What you have to do is throwing a ball toward a target: the first click allows you to choose a direction, the second click is to define the throwing power: more power you put, higher the ball will go. Try to score best: the leaderboard resets itself every day. You have only three shots per game. Plain and simple.

Standard targets represent one of the tour operator’s resort locations, but you can also aim at special targets (the cute silver and golden dragons) to multiply your score. The music is the classical carnival game soundtrack, the kind that get stuck in your head.

You can play the game here.