Game Design From Outer Space

What We Do

What we do? Well, basically, we make games.

Well, of course that’s just the easy answer. As usually happens, there’s more than meet the eye, as some weird robot-aliens would say.

First of all, we are a game design focused team. This as several implications in the way we work, the main one being that when making games we are completely platform agnostic. As long as there’s some gameplay involved, that’s our field of work and research.

So we make digital games, of course. This doesn’t mean only regular video games. We love to explore boundaries between the virtual and the physical space, to use new control systems, to bring gaming outside the computer screen.

Which brings us to urban and event games. We love to design playful experiences in urban spaces, or to create installations and games you can play when attending a certain event.

In a more traditional field, we still love good old board games. We feel they’re still pretty interesting, and give us the chance to play with different materials and imagine tactile experienced.

You may have noticed that we haven’t told you anything about the technology we use. That’s because technology is for us a mean, a mere tool to achieve what we want, not an end in itself.
By the way, for digital games we are using Unity 3D.

We think games are a great way to communicate. We think they are a great way to emotion people and make messages stick. In fact, we have our own definition for games:

A game is a system capable to generate emotions through agency in a ritual space.

So we make games that deliver a message. Let’s say you have to promote your product. We can be of help, creating a game which tries to generate the very same emotions connected to your brand. If you want to describe to someone a complex process or scenario, we can make a game out of it! Games are great at showing people how complex systems work.

If you are already making games, we can be of help as well. We can write the game design document for you, do rounds of quality assurance and gameplay analysis and even use our expertise to tune-up your game values so the game is more playable and enjoyable.

Besides making games and game design, we offer consulting and training in game design.

We can apply game design to other activities, such as interaction or user experience design and web applications design. This goes today under the name of gamification, but be advised: we don’t really like what gamification has become and we won’t just add points and badges to your game system. Instead, we work closely with you to make the correct design decisions which leverage the motivations of the people using your service.

We make training sessions and workshops to help you understand how games work and how to design good game experiences for yourself. We have a range of offers, from one-day workshops to full game design courses. Just contact us if you need it, and we will surely work it out a solution tailored for you.

We also write contributes for some game and technology related webzineG|A|M|EGirl Geek Life, Indie VaultWired.it.

So, that’s basically it. Have fun!