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The indie arcade machine is in Italy too.

Winnitron IT

Winnitron IT

Winnitron is a project born in 2011 in Winnipeg, Canada. It was started by a group of independent game developers in order to bring back the old days of game arcades.

Basically, the Winnitron is an arcade cabinet with a special software inside, which can play a selection of independent games from all the world. Some of these games are only playable on the Winnitron, while others are special two player versions of indie successes, such as Canabalt and Super Crate Box.

After the first Winnitron, other people started build their own local versions. Rather soon, Winnitron became a network of arcades, spread throughout the world, which in some ways symbolizes the independent game scene. They even sport a shared hi-score system, so you can compete with all the other Winnitron players in the world!

In 2012, together with Vincenzo Lettera, Paolo Tajé, Santa Ragione, Ciro Continisio, Studio Evil and Luca Fabbri (the guy who actually built the cabinet) we decided to start our own Winnitron. We wanted an Italian version of this awesome project. So we shot a video, we put up a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and we raised the money to actually make one. The Italian Winnitron is located at Archivio Videoludico (Videogames Archive) in Bologna.

You can read more about it on the official website.