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An experiment of graphics and storytelling set in space.


Y.M.I. (previously Betelgeuse)

Cara is a broke journalist. And you? What kind of AI are you?

Y.M.I. – Stranded

This episode is a pilot for a series of adventures featuring Cara, a space journalist traveling the galaxy to report facts, curiosities and stuff. In this episode Cara is stranded on a satellite and she’s trying to get back to a less boring area of the galaxy. Here she makes her first encounter with Diane, the artificial intelligence based personal assistant, which will give Cara advice and information, slowly building a kind of relationship with her.

You play as Diane, the artificial intelligence loaded in Cara’s new personal digital assistant. Diane communicates with Cara through a vocal interface. She can buzz to attract Cara’s attention, or she just can stay there, waiting for a question or an order from Cara.

Basically you can select different sentences or answers to convince Cara to do something and to build a relationship with her. You can follow different mood paths doing this and you can certainly end up being a scary evil AI, or an extremely servile one, or an humorous and witty one. Depending on your choices, the story and the actions Cara performs will also change. This pilot can end in many different ways, but what’s important, rather than the ending, is the way you talk and interact with a human being and the kind of relationship you build with her.

This is how we designed the interaction (mockup).

Interface Mockup

This mockup shows you how you can interact with Cara through your interface.

Here’s a screenshot of the art style and mood of the prototype.


A screenshot of the world in Y.M.I. – Stranded (formerly known as Betelgeuse: Episode 0)

And here you can watch the teaser.

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